A Genshin Impact Bennett Zine



Please read this prior to asking additional questions

Is this project for profit or charity?
This project will be for charity. The charity has not been selected yet

How many contributors will there be?
We are currently estimating to have 35-40 contributors; these number may change depending on the volume of applications received

What is project's rating?
All art and fics should be appropriate for a teen audience. NSFW content will not be included

Will you be accepting people under the age of 18 as contributors?

Is shipping/pairing allowed in the zine?
This zine will be general, so no romantic ships will be included

Are AU’s Allowed?
No, this project will focus on Bennett as he is depicted in Genshin Impact. However contributors can depict Bennett at various stages of life

Can I apply for multiple roles?
Yes, but you may not be accepted for all the roles you apply for

Can I collaborate with other contributors?
Yes, collaborations should be communicated so that works are paired in the final product

Is traditional art allowed?
Yes, as long as you are able to provide a high quality digital image of your work

Can I use pre-existing work?

Will I receive a copy of the zine?
If profits allow, all contributors will receive a copy of the book. If they do not, contributors will receive a free PDF and the option to buy the book and merch at production cost.


Schedule times are subject to change

Interest Check : March 3-20th

Mod Apps : March 23-April 11th

Contributor Apps : May 1-June 12th

Work Period for Contributors : Late June-Late September

Expected Pre-Order Window : Late September-October

Expected Project Conclusion : January 2022

Mod Team

Head/Organisation Mod

Hi, I'm Marina, I am an artist and business owner that has participated in several zine projects as both an artist and a mod. You can find a full list of projects I have been involved in here. I hope you all are as excited for this project as I am!

Beta Mod

Hi! I'm Kingshiou, an avid participant in angst and zines. I've been writing for fandoms for a couple years now and beta'ing for a while longer! You might see me around on other Genshin Zines such as Floral Letters or Moonlight Sonata as well as Genshin events such as the Xingyun Shipweek. Bennett's been on my team since beginner banner and I'm super excited to see him get some more love!

Graphic/Formatting Mod

Hello! I'm Odri and I just wanna say thet Xingqiu is best boy and I take absolutely no criticism! My first zine was back in 2018 where I worked as a Social Media Mod in the Seasonal Stars Zine. I didn't do any zine work throughout 2019 and early 2020 but I want change it up a notch. So I'm planning to apply on a few zines (watch out, you might see me lurking here and there) and this zine will be my second mod experience. Also, Benny is second best boy!

Mod Intern

Hi hi! I'm Trixie and this is my first time being part of a zine mod team so I'm super excited! I've been a contributor for about 10 other zines spread across different fandoms, some of which are still in progress, but trust that I'll give this zine the love and attention it deserves! All for Benny! >:D

Mod Intern

Hello hello! My name's Mei, one of the mod interns for Passion Overload. I've been a writing and art hobbyist for a long time, mostly dabbling in themes of philosophy and introspection, and have only recently broken into the Zine community through Genshin (which I'm totally stoked about)! You might know me from Storyteller, another Genshin Zine that I'm working on as a Social Media Mod :)) I'm super excited to be able to work on this project -- Bennett's such a good kid and I admire his spirit n' heart a lot! ^v^